Luxury Terry Lined Reusable Shower Cap , "Kisses in Paris"

Luxury Terry Lined Reusable Shower Cap , "Kisses in Paris"

SKU: e022915b

Don't disturb the 'do! The MinxNY Kissables Spa Collection shower caps are 100% waterproof, large-n-luxurious and keep even the most abundant tresses safe and dry. Soft terry lining wicks away perspiration in even the steamiest of conditions. It provides the perfect combination of style, comfort, and quality. Take it along as you explore the world in the convenient travel bag we've included, which will be perfect for keeping your cap compact and clean. The charming retro design will have you feeling glamorous, stylish, and squeaky clean in and out of the shower!

- WATERPROOF | Made with waterproof layers and lined with soft terry to wick away moisture, your locks will stay dry no matter what! MATERIAL: Body: 40% EVA 60%PE Lining: 100% Polyester

- FORM-FITTING | The elasticized hem will keep your shower cap firmly attached to your head!

- CUTE & STYLISH | Pick from an array of colors and designs to suit your own personal style!

- ONE SIZE FITS ALL | Oversized to fit all lengths of hair




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