Wash your Hands 2020

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Today’s hottest topic is to wash your hands, social distance, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, self quarantine and hoarding. The hoarding issues are leaving the stores shelve empty until restocked limiting your choices of products. Making it far more dangerous for the elderly and the handicap. Because of a deadly virus called coronavirus causing a world wide pandemic that started in China and initially wasn’t reported until a whistleblower Dr. Le Wenliang reported several severe cases of pneumonia in December 2019. A global pandemic is being reported and as of March 21st 2020 there is 275,714 world wide cases, 11,421 deaths and 91,952 recovered cases.

Reported on www.worldometer.info

Deaths to date~ March 21st 11,421

China 3,255

Italy 4,032

Spain 1,093

USA 279

and several other countries not listed

Initially President Donald J Trump put a travel ban from China to the United States where Italy didn’t. His first steps has slowed down the transmissions of the virus in the United States giving America time to get ready for this virus outbreak prior to it’s peak.

Stores, restaurants, sports events all have restrictions. Sports events even cancelled. Bars, restaurants and School closures. There is a crowd restriction no more than ten people in a gathering. Some business are redirecting employees to work from home. California and NY has ordered a stay home order and other states are starting to follow the same order.

Beaches are being shut down due to the spring breakers ignoring the serious of the pandemic.

Italy has a military convoy of trucks for the deceased another 627 deaths in one day.

Counrties are closing their open borders to try to contain the virus.

Nursing homes are not allowing outside visitors protecting the elderly from transmission because they are the most vulnerable.

Stores are restocking and restricting certain items and or are closing. Truck drivers are working over time to supply the stores. Some grocery stores are accommodating to the elderly by changing their hours and only opening up to the elderly for the first hour. (Meijer)

Not to mention the hospitals, janitorial and public service workers who are hard at work trying to combat a global pandemic. Setting up outside hospital tents and drive threw testing facilities some wearing hazmat suits.

Good hygiene is a necessity such as washing your hands for 20 seconds and using a hand sanitizer.

Here is a recipe for effective hand sanitizer~active ingredients isopropyl alcohol and peroxide

Cautions flammable mix outside without any flames

751ml isopropyl alcohol 99.8% pharmaceutical grade

42 ml H2O2 3% (hydrogen peroxide)

Premix and let incorporate

15 ml Glycerol 98% or Glycerin

1 tsp. Xanthan gum (thickener)

190 ml Distilled water


If using tap water~ boil the water inside and let cool prior to adding your mixture that is outside. #coronavirus #handsanitizer #socialdistance,