Leave those shoes at the back door

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Leaving your shoes at the back door can help you with a cleaner environment. Shoes carry enormous amount of bacteria and it’s best to avoid bringing unwanted germs, bacteria and viruses into your home, making your family safe and healthier.

Today, we are faced with several health concerns. Suddenly we are being challenged with a virus called COVID-19 coronavirus. Causing a panic within the public for food and hygiene supplies. Forcing grocery stores to change their hours to the general public to cater to the elderly. Whereas some are in denial of the virus and comparing it to the regular flu.

The general public were treating their shopping as if it was a Black Friday. Hoarding toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, face mask and hand sanitizers. Then there’s the price gouging that has began making everyone more vulnerable.

As the officials figure out how to stop the virus from spreading. One by one the states are starting to put a stay home order in place. Where schools and many work places have to close down unless they are in the food or medical service area. The grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals and take out restaurants are still open. There is also social distance along with no more than 10 people in a group setting. With all of this on a daily bases the stores are faced with empty shelves, restocking and sanitizing throughout the store. Truck drivers, medical, police officers and food service workers are being over whelmed throughout the pandemic. Then there is all the people who are suddenly out of work.

If a person gets infected with the coronavirus they wont know it for 14 days and during those 14 days they are contagious and are effecting others that have been around them.

Unlike the Spanish Flu in 1918 we have the ability to curve down the spread of the virus quicker. Through social distancing and all of the modern technology that we have. Social networking for one, working from home, self checkout stores and ordering online we definitely have the ability too have less human contact than the 1918’s.

This starts with us by changing things up. The officials immediately told everyone to wash their hands, don’t touch your mouth, nose or face and created the social distance six foot rule.

Then there’s the surface contact where if someone had touched a door handle and then you came by and grabbed the same handle.

So let’s keep it simple by touching less, if it’s a gas pump use some paper towel. Opening doors use your sleeve and don’t touch those railings. Wait to get your mail and packages.

Gas pumps, Shoes, Cell phones, Purses, Railings, Door handles, Doors, Computers, Counters, Mail and Grocery carts.

Then, those check out belts at the grocery store along with the amount of people who are going to the store who have had contact with the check out lane. Here again keep it simple by going to the store less. Less is more in this case during this critical time. Now there are reports of cashiers contracting the coronavirus.

I know right about now there is a lot more germaphobic’s because of the coronavirus. So, lets start by keep it simple stupid and stay safe.

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