Regrow veggies right from your own pantry

Updated: May 11, 2020

Rooting Potatoes

That’s right you can regrow almost everything you have already purchased right from your pantry. You might find yourself in a little money pinch so instead of throwing away your scraps your gonna start a garden. That’s right a garden. Lets take a radish and just plant it and watch it grow. One radish will grow one bunch. So you’ll want to plant more than one.


Regrowing you’re celery stalks is super easy just use the leftovers as shown in the picture below. Using toothpicks and a cup with water making sure that the water always touches the bottom of the celery.

Regrow celery
Celery stalk

Green onions are super simple just cut off the tips and rehydrate the roots by soaking them into water prior to planting.

Onion tips
Onion tips

After rehydrating the roots you can plant the onion tips in a planting tray or right into your garden. This can be done over and over throughout the spring, summer and the fall.

Green onions
Green onions

Harvest the seeds from peppers and the tomatoes. By removing the seeds from the peppers or tomatoes then remove the membranes, rinse the seeds and dry them on a piece of paper towels.

Pepper seeds

Those amazing potatoes. Just simply grab a few potatoes and a couple toothpicks and insert the toothpicks in both sides of the potato. This will keep them half way out of the water. Take a cup and fill it up 3/4 of the way and soak your potato as shown in picture below. In a few weeks you will have plenty of roots. Change your water out every day for a healthy root system. Plant them in a 10 gallon bucket or barrel and cut a entry way in the center of the outside so that you can reach in and remove the potatoes from the bottom of the plant with out pulling your plant. Now your potato plant will keep producing potatoes through out the summer.

Tomatoes seeds harvested from last years crop.

Tomato seedlings
Tomato seedlings

Tips~for growing seedlings keep them close to the grow light so that your plant doesn’t get stretched. This will make your tomato plants healthier with a heavy yield.

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