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Updated: May 27, 2020

Kombucha super easy, super fun and super sassy.

It was about 5 years ago my daughter came home and gave me a scoby and said that her co-worker gave it to her. So, really I had no idea what to do with the scoby, it really looked disgusting. I kept it alive and it just kept on growing. I never did brew a batch of kombucha at that time I just threw it away.

Let’s just say that we are avid kombucha drinkers. Years later I decided to brew kombucha on a regular bases and loving it.

So, let’s talk about the cost for one kombucha. Your cost is 2.99-3.99 and up. So every time we would go to the grocery store we would pick up one or two kombucha’s Sometimes a jug depending on the sales.

After your initial cost you can easily make two gallons for around the cost of one.

Then a kombucha bar opened up in town where you could go and get kombucha right off the tap. This was awesome to say at the least, let’s just say I was inspired. I’ve made beer, wine and distilled spirits but never kombucha. So out of all four kombucha is the easiest, least expensive to make and the most healthiest.


Let’s get started

Scoby ”Mother” is bacteria and yeast “The elixir of life“

What you will need is either to buy one from a store or online. Then you can always get a little adventurous and grow your own. Growing your own is pretty simple you’ll need a bottle of raw, unflavored and unpasteurized kombucha. Simply pour the whole container of kombucha into clean glass jar and cover it with a towel and a rubber band to keep any fruit flies or dust from your Scoby in the making.

or~Brew some sweeten black tea and add one cup kombucha starter tea. Cover with a towel and rubber band.

Boil for ten minutes

2 bags black tea

4 cups filtered water

add and stir

1/2 cups sugar

add to the cooled sweetened tea @ room temperature. Do not add while hot otherwise you will kill the culture.

2 cup raw unflavored and unfiltered tea (Starter tea)

Starter tea
Starter tea

Keeping temperatures between 72f - 85f

Caution 90f will kill the culture under 70f will put your scoby to sleep.

I use 2 seedlings heating pads and a cooler

place the cooler on a heated mat then the covered kombucha jars into cooler

10-12 days later you will have a scoby

Don’t worry if your scoby hasn’t completely formed.

Now you’re ready to make your first batch of Kombucha.

7-10 days for 1st brew

Kombucha 2 gallons

Bring to boil

16 cups filtered water

12 black tea bags

Stir in

1 1/2 cups sugar

Let the tea come to room temperature before pouring into the glass brew jar and prior to adding your Scoby.

Cover with a towel and rubber band.

Set it aside in a dark place that the temperatures are between 72f-85f. Ideally 80f. Here again a cooler with seedlings heating mats work great for your 1st Fermentation (F1)

On the seventh day check your kombucha for taste. Your are looking for it not being to sweet or not starting to turn into vinegar You don’t want vinegar.

In between

7th day & 10th day

Sweet & Vinegar

2nd Fermentation (F2) 3-10 days duration

Time to bottle and flavor by using swing flip top bottles with a seal. Flavor your kombucha with some kind of fruit purée 1/4 plus 1/2 tbs sugar or honey for a 16 oz bottle.

Adding sugar to your flavorIng reduces sharp tart and vinegar flavors.

After 2-3 days refrigerate or in a cool place.

To stop fermentation or EXPLOSION may occur because you are creating Co2.

Preferable in a plastic container so that if there is a mess it’ll be contained.

Carefully release carbon dioxide prior to pouring into a glass jar.

Some popular flavors are Ginger, Pineapple and Hops.

Make sure you bottle 1 cup of unflavored kombucha for your next brew. Plus 2 cups for your Scoby house.

Scoby house
Scoby house

Scoby House

This is where you store, feed and keep your Scobies alive for your next brew. Each brew gives you another Scoby.

Feed with cooled sweetened black tea weekly

2 cups black tea

2 Tbs. sugar Kombucha Benefits

Some people use kombucha for a detox. Boost energy, immune system, antioxidants and prevents arthritis. Reduces body fat and constipation. Helps control diabetes.

Turns bad bacteria into good bacteria and improves digestive system.

Gardening tips

Scobies are great for gardening this is where the Scobies turn bad bacteria into good bacteria through microbes. Plus this helps controls plant stress, strengthens stems and produces heavier yields.

Give a Gift

Extra scobies make a great gift just like Amish friendship starter. Or simply brew kombucha for holiday gifts.

Happy Brewing from Julie @ Hippiehempsoaps

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