Do you know what the differences between commercial and homemade soaps?

Commercial soaps are made with synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals that could cause skin irritations.

Is it soap or detergents?

Sadly enough commercial soaps would be a detergent and detergents will strip your skins natural oils from your body. Your skin naturally produces it’s own oils, this is a layer of protection for your skin. Your skin is your bodies largest organ. So, why would you use something that would remove a layer of protection from your skin? Maybe because of convenience or cost.

Homemade soaps can be purchased from farmers markets or even from websites. Really they are usually pretty reasonable priced. Then there’s always a new hobby that you can learn and make your own soap.

Rehydrating and Reconditioned

Your skin may need rehydrating and reconditioned and the best way to do this is to use homemade soaps. Everyone has heard that dreaded word aging and crepe skin. Homemade soaps rehydrate your skin and hydration is one way to prevent aging and crepe skin.

Antibacterial and Anti-fugal

What this means is that homemade soaps has antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities in which will kill germs and is great for acne, eczema and psoriasis.

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